Mike and Lexi’s Spinning Wheel Wedding, Syracuse, NY

“Do you trust me?”

This question is often posed to a couple right before I am about to ask them to do something crazy. I asked Lexi this question twice on her wedding day. The first time is when I scouted the First Look location. The second; for sunset portraits.

Mike and Lexi got “re” married on July 23, 2022 at the Spinning Wheel Restaurant in Syracuse, NY. It was a hot July day but thankfully the sun was hidden behind clouds for most of the day. When I arrived on property I found Lexi looking gorgeous as ever. If you know Lexi you know she isn’t a “girly” girl. She is most comfortable in a pair of jeans and cowboy boots. Today was different. Today she got her hair done and she wore a gorgeous beaded mermaid wedding dress.

The Spinning Wheel is a well known restaurant in the Syracuse area. While the staff was getting everything ready for the ceremony, I ventured off the property for a more secluded location for the couple’s first look. A short walk away I found an open field that was perfect. I went back to where Lexi was hiding out and said “do you trust me?” Without hesitation she said “yes”. With the bride’s confirmation I rounded up the bridal party and headed out to the field. A success.

We then had the ceremony which was filled with emotion and laughter. Fully equipped with a ‘flower man’. A story was told about the first time Mike met Lexi and how he couldn’t wait to tell his family. It was perfect.

After dinner it was time for sunset pictures and I began to scour the property once again. Nothing. The restaurant was nestled in a neighborhood so large houses were blocking any chance of having glowey golden hour light. I was not about to give up. Mike and Lexi were still finishing up their dinner, so I hopped in my car and began following the light. After driving for about 15 minutes and almost giving up, I found an open field on the side of the road, across the street from a Byrne Dairy about 12 minutes from the venue. To the average person it didn’t look like much, but I knew it was perfect. When I got back to the restaurant I went up to Lexi and once again said “do you trust me?” She must have seen something on my face because this time she paused for a second but finally said “yes”. I said “great, we’re heading off site.”

So me, Mike, Lexi, and Scout all piled in the SUV and went back to the Byrne Dairy. Although confused, they had full faith in me. Thank God.

The result? Incredible.

Thank you so much to Lexi and Mike for trusting me and letting me be a part of your day!

Thanks for reading!

July 24, 2022