Jessica and Evan Engagement Session at Wagner Farms – Rome, NY

There are just something about sunflowers that instantly make me feel happy. When I look at these pictures of Jessica and Evan I can’t help but smile. Jessica and Evan chose to utilize their engagement session two fold: 1) for gorgeous portraits of the two of them for their save the date and 2) for some beautiful family pictures with their 2 month old daughter, Cameron. This family filled the life back into my lungs. Cameron was absolutely precious and SO TINY. Ugh. Once your kids grow up you forget how tiny they are! I got to hold her and it was honestly the highlight of my week.

Wagner Farms is a gorgeous piece of property. In the month of August they promote their sunflower field, and for good reason. It is STUNNING. However, to say it was hot outside was a bit of an understatement. The sun was blaring and there was hardly any shade on the open field. I knew with a newborn that this wasn’t going to be okay. Luckily I got to the property a little early and I started search. I finally spotted some trees and headed in that direction. There was a small gravel pathway that was properly shaded. We were able to get the family pictures we needed without being in the direct sunlight. After that the sun had dipped lower in the sky and we headed out to the field with just Jessica and Evan (Cameron got to go in the air conditioning with grandma…lucky girl!)

Despite the heat, these two did not complain once. I hope you enjoy these and much as I had taking them!

August 12, 2022