Abby and JJ’s Wedding in Marcellus, NY

Abby and JJ married on August 20, 2022 on Abby’s family property in Marcellus, NY. The day was already special to begin with, but to top it off, BOTH JJ and Abby’s parents were married on August 20th! I was already familiar with their family property because we did their engagement session in this exact location! They did so much work in the past year to get the property wedding ready, I was blown away!

Abby got ready with her girls in her parents home and the energy there was so calm and peaceful. You could tell that the hard work had been done and now everyone was here to enjoy themselves. Nobody was rushed and everyone snacked, sipped on their drinks, and got themselves ready for a joyous occasion.

After Abby got in her dress, I headed over to the property where I met JJ and he was beaming. The day was finally here. Because this couple budgeted their time so well we had plenty of time to get all of the groomsmen pictures done and out of the way before the ceremony started…and we had a little fun throwing JJ in the air!

The ceremony space was in a cornfield that had been staked out, mowed, and planted with grass a year in advanced waiting for JJ and Abby to get married. Equipped with a beautiful handmade arch adorned with flowers, it was the perfect setup. These two shared a wonderful day together and will have a lifetime to remember it! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.

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August 27, 2022