Jackie and Jose Proposal, Franklin Square Park, Syracuse NY

This was a moment to remember! Jose reached out to me a few weeks before him and his girlfriend, Jackie, were planning to visit Syracuse, NY. He was planning on proposing and he wanted the whole moment captured. I was SO excited to plan this with him. We were able to nail down every detail including where we both would be positioned so I could get Jackie’s full reaction and boy did we!

As soon as Jose got down on one knee you could see the disbelief, excitement, and love pass over her face. She immediately erupted into tears and they shared this moment together without a soul around. Later I came out of my hiding spot, congratulated the couple and surprised them with a bottle of champagne!

Jackie quickly made some FaceTime calls back home to share the good news. We were able to take some beautiful portraits to capture their love and then all of a sudden I felt some wet drops on my head. Rain. Soon it started to DOWNPOUR. We took shelter under a tree nearby and I turned to them and said “how adventurous do we want to be right now?” They said “lets do it!” I yelled 1..2…3!! We all ran out into the middle of the road and were instantly soaked but we didn’t care. Jackie and Jose danced in the rain as a newly engaged couple and locked into a kiss, like a scene from the Notebook.

I don’t think I could have planned a more perfect moment if I tried. Thank you to Jose for trusting me with this special day and congrats to you both!

Thanks for reading!

January 27, 2023