Sydney & Sebastien’s The Lodge Skaneateles Wedding, Skaneateles Falls, NY

This wedding was incredibly magical and fun. A part of it was because it was held at the GORGEOUS Lodge in Skaneateles; another part of it was this wonderful couple. Sydney and Sebastien are one of those couples that I could see hanging out with outside the photography world. They are always laughing and looking to have a good time. Their energy, their joy, their strong family bonds, their dancing skills…it made for the most amazing wedding day!

Sebastien and Sydney’s first look was perfect. The second he turned around and saw her, he couldn’t hold it together. Tears of overwhelming happiness flooded from Sebastien’s eyes as he saw his bride for the first time. I watched these interactions continue throughout the entire day. Teary glances, big emotions, and so much excitement!

Most of Sebastien’s family is from Haiti and the vast majority of them speak Creole and French. Sebastien’s Mother gave a touching speech about her son and how Sydney was the best thing to happen to him while attending college here.

There were many choreographed dances including the bridesmaids entrance, groomsmen entrance, mothers of the couple, and the father daughter dance! Soon the dance floor looked more like a rave and everyone was having the time of their life! The night ended with a bubble exit for the bride and groom surrounded by their loved ones. This was a wedding to be remembered! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Taloute!!!!

November 27, 2022