Colleen and Mike’s Brewster Inn Wedding, Cazenovia, NY


Colleen and Mike tied the knot on 08.06.21 at the Brewster Inn in Cazenovia. The day was nothing short of perfect. Both Colleen and Mike were giddy and nervous but once they saw each other you could see the nerves melt away into pure happiness and joy.

Colleen and Mike were supposed to get married on New Years Eve in 2020 but were forced to cancel their plans due to COVID-19. After postponing the date, they booked me about a month before the wedding. Colleen kept saying how she thinks it was destiny for me to have captured their wedding and I believe her! It was a very intimate gathering and I got to meet every wonderful person that holds a special place in Colleen and Mike’s heart.

The bride’s uncle gave a toast and there was not a dry eye in the room…including me! He raved about Mike and Colleen’s ability to blend their two families into one and how proud he was of them.

As you scroll through their photographs you can see every single detail was perfect and on theme. Colleen and Mike truly did an amazing job – I hope you are both enjoying the first few days as husband and wife!

August 7, 2021