Jamie and Jerry’s Mirbeau Inn Wedding, Skaneateles, NY

How I came to shoot Jamie and Jerry’s wedding is a crazy story. How Jamie and Jerry got together is an equally crazy story. I will tell both.

Jamie and Jerry met TWENTY FIVE years ago. They were young and in love. But as it sometimes goes, young people drift apart. And that was what happened. They spent over a decade apart, striking out with other people. They eventually found their way back to each other.

I got an inquiry from Jerry less than 2 weeks before his wedding. I had to re-read the email to make sure I my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me regarding the date. I called Jerry and he confirmed that their wedding was in less than 2 weeks…and they had no photographer. I checked my schedule and I was available! It was like it was meant to be.

The couples got married at the Mirbeau Inn & Spa located in Skaneateles, NY. Mirbeau is an amazing venue. Situated right in their garden is a small white tent that can hold about 50 guests, a perfect venue for a small gathering. Jamie and Jerry’s wedding was simple, elegant, and full of heart. The ceremony was outdoors under a small arbor, adorned with brightly colored flowers. They had a 6 piece band to play for their guests. The weather was amazing. Everything about their day was simply perfect.

I am so lucky these two found me at the very last minute. Sometimes you have a gut feeling about something or someone. Thats how I felt about photographing this amazing couple. And that is how Jerry and Jamie feel about each other. Congratulations to the both of you, and as Queen Lizzo would say…it’s about damn time!

Thanks for reading!

August 23, 2022