Nick and Veronica’s Dibble Inn Wedding, Vernon, NY

“People over pictures, always.” I remind ourselves of this over and over again because I always want to make sure that I love and serve the PEOPLE that come into my life and not only focus on the business side of things. Pictures are important but recognizing the value of the people IN my pictures is what truly makes the most impact. Nick and Veronica live everyday valuing people over everything else.  If you spend any time with them at all,  you will see this so clearly in them. 

This is one of those weddings that I am going to remember for a really long time. Their day was perfection from start to finish. Even in the middle of August the weather didn’t creep past 75 degrees. The sun was shining, there was a light breeze, and their family and friends were just so happy for this couple.

There wasn’t a dry eye the entire day and the couple had guests fly in from all over the country to witness this special day. Their original intentions were to have a small, intimate wedding. But as the planning progressed they realized how many important people they had in their lives they didn’t want to leave out. It was evidenced by the the overwhelming love they were surrounded by as they said ‘I do’.

My favorite part of Nick and Veronica is how they seem to fit so perfectly together and compliment one another. They have very different personalities. Nick is very imperturbable and Veronica is passionate and intentional. The preacher stated that if you find someone who is different from you but compliments you in a way nobody else does, thats when you know you have found your person. Someone who is the adventure to your anchor. Someone who is the one who holds the end of the balloons as you float amongst the clouds. Someone who is your biggest cheerleader and your most gentle critic. I truly believe that is what Nick and Veronica have. They are so lucky to have found their other half.

I hope the two of you have the most wonderful honeymoon and marriage. And if the apocalypse ever happens…I’ll meet you in Virginia! Love you both!

As always, thank you to the wonderful vendors that made this day possible!

Ceremony & Reception | Dibbles Inn

Dress Store | Mirror Mirror Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses | Birdy Grey

Florist | MerciGarden

Hair & Make Up | The Traveling Stylists

DJ | Jammin Beats

Cake | Dibbles Inn

Extra Sweets | Larry’s Bakeshop

Groom’s Suit | Men’s Wearhouse

Bride’s Wedding & Engagement Rings | Gema and Co.

Shuttle | S&S Limousine

August 23, 2023